chambermaid from eden

Lady of the noble family from Florence, Leticia Sforza, has been called, by her close relatives, as a “Happy one”. Since early childhood, her natural cheerfulness delighted all around her. As a young lady she was very thoughtful and calm. With one look she could warm the hearts of the sad ones. She was rich, but she showered poor with gifts. She used to listen memories of old people with the same attention as children’s incredible stories. Her gentleness was a balm for the hearts of others, and her look gave such consolation, that people used to say she was some kind of a prophet or Messiah. Her presence shined with a warm light, creating the day. One day she touched a dried branch and when the white buds and little green leaves bloomed, no one has been surprised. People considered her for a mysterious force, priestess of spring and life. Such a glory made her feeling that people always celebrate her own wedding. She disappeared one day, without clue how or why, and the quiet portrait of her was found in her room. It has been exposed in a small church and kept as an icon. People would come to kiss it when they wanted to wake up the power of hope in themselves.