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Guests seeking to explore cultural heritage of this area can stroll down to City Museum of Novi Sad, Museum of Vojvodina or Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.

Beautiful Pavle Beljanski memorial Collection and The Gallery of Matica Srpka are also only steps away from the residence.

City Museum of Novi Sad

Museum of Vojvodina

Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Not far away, in Jevrejska street, you can admire a splendid Synagogue, an ideal place to enjoy classical music concerts and if you are a theatre admirer, visit Serbian National Theatre which initiated the establishment of “Sterijino pozorje” as one of the greatest theatre festivals in this region.


Sinagogue interior

Serbian National Theatre

Bishop’s Palace, one of the most spectacular architectural objects is situated at the corner of Zmaj Jovina Street and Dunavska Street. It is rather outstanding and mysterious building. A few meters away there is the Cathedral of the Holy Great-Martyr George, as well as the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Grammar School, a renaissance piece of architecture where a great number of famous Serbs received education. Zmaj Jovina Street ends at Svetozar Miletić Square, Novi Sad is well-known for. The square is equally dominated by the City Hall and the Roman Catholic Church built in neo-gothic style.

Bishop's Palace

Cathedral of the Holy Great-Martyr George

Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Grammar School

Svetozar Miletić Square-City hall

Svetozar Miletić Square-Roman Catholic Church

"Dunavski" park

Only about ten minutes away, there is Petrovaradin Fortress, built on the hill of Petrovaradin, above the right bank of the Danube river. Petrovaradin Fortress is one of the symbols of Novi Sad, one of the best preserved fortresses in Europe and a masterpiece of baroque military architecture. In addition to numerous historical monuments, Petrovaradin Fortress has the Academy of Arts, the City Museum of Novi Sad, as well as restaurants, coffee shops, ateliers of Novi Sad artists, galleries, gift shops etc. Petrovaradin Fortress is famous for the underground military galleries, a 16 km four-level communicational system that you can visit with a tour guide.

Petrovaradin Fortress

Danube quay


Danube river, with the beautiful Danube quay, flows below Petrovaradin fortress. Quay is a place where you can exercise, walk or just sit and enjoy the view of the fortress. Here you can play some group sports for free, such as: basketball, football, volleyball, tennis etc. A light walk will bring you to the Danube's largest sandy beach, famous Štrand, which is the centre of cultural and sport events during months of summer.

Citizens of Novi Sad, who are very proud of the old part of their city, are trying to maintain its charm, by collecting people and organizing famous manifestations, such as: Street Musicians Festival, Days of Brasil, Cinema City, Days of Wine and many other.

Street Musicians Festival

Cinema City

Days Of Wine

From Dunavska Street, through the beautiful Zmaj Jovina Street, you will come to the well known Laza Telečki Street. It is teeming with cafes and nightclubs, where socializing begins with a morning cup of coffee and continues all through the night, until the crack of dawn. If you are looking for a good time out which Novi Sad is famous for and you want to feel its authenticity, we recommend visiting some of the nearest wine cellars, which offer verified combinations of tasty food, good wine and local music.

A few hundred metres away from our residence, there is the oldest and the most beautiful park in Novi Sad, Dunavski Park, whose lake is the most popular meeting point for young people.

If you wish to get to know the vicinity of Novi Sad, we recommend individual fieldtrips with a private guide, as well as a visit to monasteries of Fruška Gora and Sremski Karlovci. This will bring you cultural enrichment, a sense of spirituality and a definite lack of indifference.

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