Monstrosity can be the mother of inventions: in the Middle Age, around the X century, a young man was born, with silvery scales on his body and without neck. He lived locked in the home of his parents. One day he noticed a silver glow of a knight's armor, and immediately decided to flee from the captivity and to travel around the world, presenting himself as a knight. He traveled from country to country, collected a lot of friendships and knowledge, learned over 20 languages and carefully listened the thousands of legends, true and not so true. At the end of his life, when he couldn’t walk anymore, he became the storyteller. While people were listening him, they would forgot his monstrosity. But no one was ever fooled by his lie: the smell, which spread around him, left no doubt about his true nature. When he died, here's what was written on his grave: Here lies the Knight: good storyteller, virtuoso waltz-dancer, a bad liar.