Renegade from hemsphere

„Lately, I feel like I am inside of a tornado“ said Lili Sadjil, jazz singer of Checz origin from Belgrade. She held her head with her hands, and added with an ironic smile: „Either my thoughts are too quick to follow, or they are totally gone. Hm, maybe bad files are being deleted from my brain? I know! Soon I’ll shift myself. I’m leaving up there! It’s a done deal, as if I’m not here any more.“ Saying that, science fiction Lili really disappeared.What came after was interesting. She never imagined how many followers she had, especially among the representatives of the stronger sex. Did they really believe that the world was heading for the big change and that all the rules would stop to apply, or were they simply in love with Lili and her voice? Her secret admirer, a musician of course, stood out exceptionally. Humming „Niki’s dream“, a tune filled with love by Horace Silver, he gave the Earthlings last smile and a penetrating gaze, and renegaded as an apostle of jazz somewhere up there, far away from our hemisphere.